Testing Vegan, Anti Aging Skincare- Facetheory Review

I love good skin care and if it’s paraban, and SLS free, cruelty free and even vegan I’m definitely going to give a good go!

Facetheory were kind enough to send me a couple of products to try so I’ve been patiently using them before writing this review.

I have oily skin and I’m 37 so I like products that brighten skin but also help my skin to look younger. I love FaceTheory’s website because you can quickly type in the answers to some questions about your skin and they will suggest some products which will suit you. Or you can use Live chat and get some advice online.

I was sent the Exfoliating Cleanser which costs £12.49. This is what Facetheory have to say about it:

Our best-selling cleanser.Available unscented or with a hint of mandarin for a great citrus smell, Exfoliating Cleanser E1 is full of skin-scrubbing, cuticle-caressing ingredients to leave your skin feeling bright and refreshed. Glycolic acid (2%) salicylic acid (1%) and just the right amount of ultra-fine grains remove surface oil and dead skin – without causing redness and discomfort.  It’s perfect for combination skin or oily and acne-prone skin. It’s sulphate-free – and with no nasties too

So what did I think?

  • Packaging was standard- functional, no frills design. It has a clinical kind of vibe but that’s fine. I would rather a brand kept packaging basic and gave me a great product for a reasonable price.
  • Smell was delicious. Kind of subtle but gently citrus.
  • A little product goes a long way, just a pea sized amount is plenty.
  • I’ve used glycolic cleansers before and sometimes they sting a little and this didn’t. I’m not sure whether it means it’s less effective or just gentler. What’s certain is my skin feels lovely after using this. Very soft and smooth, also looks radiant. My daughter has used this too and she has dry skin but she has said she really likes it. She feels it a very gentle exfoliant that’s doesn’t irritate her dry, sensitive skin. So overall: highly recommended.
  • Now onto the serum.
  • I was sent the Reganacalm Serum which costs. £18.99 This is what Facetheory say about it.
  • This is going to be a game-changer. Regenacalm Serum is Facetheory’s new serum, formulated to treat a range of difficult skin problems. Regenacalm’s signature ingredients are a concentrated dose of dill extract to regenerate elastin (not easy to do!), and liquorice extract to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

    A 2% concentration of stabilized retinol works to regenerate collagen and vitamin c provides anti-oxidant power.  Ferulic acid helps to stabilize these active ingredients so they remain effective.  Use Regenacalm on fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and areas of redness, pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

    So what did I think about this?

    • Firstly, packaging. Ingredients such as retinol can be affected by exposure to the air or sunlight. So points awarded to this dark glass, stoppered bottle which should preserve the ingredients and keep them effective.
    • The ingredients list is interesting. Retinol is one of the first ingredients listed. This is good because it means there is large amounts of it in the product. I don’t want to fork out for a product with tiny amounts of the active ingredients.
    • Also in the ingredients list is Vitamin C. Research has shown that retinol when paired with Vitamin C improves its effectiveness. Great!
    • The product has a slightly earthy, kind of grassy smell. Not my favourite but I believe you can opt for scented or unscented products so this could be changed.
    • The results? I love it. My skin definitely looks brighter, maybe slightly plumper in the morning and while it’s really hard to evaluate its affect on my lines on my forehead they do seem slightly evened out. I’m only about half way through the bottle so I’ll carry on and update the post if necessary.
  • Overall, I’m impressed with these two products and will definitely be trying some more from Facetheory.

    Have you tried anything from this brand? What’s your favourite skin care brand?

    I would love you to let me know in the comments below!

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