Guest Post by My 12 Year Old. ‘Coping with a Rescue Dog🐶’

  • Hey, I’m the Not So Super Mums second daughter. My puppy Trixie was a lot to take on at first. She had a not so great beginning as we are her fifth home and we only took her on at about four months. Being a rescue there was a lot to teach her but being a stubborn puppy she refused to listen. Training a rescue is very hard work but is worth it in the end. So I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to train your dog 🐶 💖
    • To start with on your walks, if your dog goes to the toilet give them a treat and say good pee or good poop.
      Dogs respond better to rewards rather than punishment so if they have an accident don’t yell at them just firmly say no naughty.
      If it just isn’t working out try cage training. It’s where your dog stays in the cage and only comes out for walks, meals and to go to the toilet. I was very reluctant to this method at first thinking it was cruel and unnecessary but within a week this method should have worked.
      If you are like me and your dog just doesn’t respond well to this method don’t panic and think there is something wrong with your dog they will get it eventually.
      I taught Trixie basic tricks with a book I got out of library. This is a really good idea for you to try and it certainly improved Trixie’s obedience

    I hope this can help you and your dog and remember dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they are a lifelong companion and will always be loyal and loving towards you if you treat and train them properly. Comment to tell me what worked and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my mum.

    ~K ~( Trixie’s mum)

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