Super Easy, Vegan Healing Healthy Tomato Soup and Rainy Day Struggles

You know those days where you feel rough, the kids feel rough and you’ve had snot wiped on you goodness knows how many times? Today is a bit like that. I had very little sleep last night as the baby was snuffly and unsettled. My throat feels like I swallowed a load of razor blades and my voice sounds like that of an old hag in a film, the one who sits in a dark corner and croaks out warnings no one listens to. A bit like the kids actually, not listening to me when I inform them the baby doesn’t want someone to fart in his face and that spider that is being put in the propeller of a toy fan is in fact long dead and does not need killing again. Add to this it’s raining outside and the cooker has considerately decided to die, I had to make something comforting. This recipe probably contains about three of your five a day and is quick, easy and comforting. It is full of Vitamin C which is great for your immune system, Lycopene which helps prevent cancer and heart disease and fibre which is great for your digestive system.

You will need:

  • 6 large ripe tomatoes
  • A handful fresh basil leaves
  • 2 large carrots
  • 4 celery sticks and the celery leaves
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic clove
    500mls approx good quality vegetable stock

Here’s how I made it:

  1. Dice the vegetables and basil leaves and soften in olive oil.
  1. When slightly softened add the stock, bring to the boil then simmer with the lid on until the carrot is cooked and soft.
  1. Blitz in a food processor or a stick blender.
  1. Serve and enjoy. I love mine with cheese on toast and lots of black pepper.
  • I’ve made this before without the basil leaves and it’s really not as delicious.
  • I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite comforting recipes? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share and follow!
  • MC x
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