Tips for How to Manage Mum Stress. Part 1

  • If you stumbled on this blog, the chances are you may be feeling a little bit stressed. Most mums, if they are really honest, get stressed from time to time. ( I’m not saying that Mum’s have a monopoly on being stressed, people without kids and dad’s also feel stressed but I’m not as qualified to speak about that kind of stress! )I think today in 2018, for many different reasons, mums are as stressed as ever. I think a lot of us feel like we are juggling lots of different balls and if we make a mistake all the balls will come tumbling down. We have to manage the housework, the kids diet, their social life, the afterschool clubs, their health, their schoolwork, giving them time, making sure they know that they are loved, and then we may or may not also be holding down a job as well. Add to this the fact that life’s ups and downs can often throw a spanner in the works. Some of us experience relationship difficulties, maybe we are a single mom, maybe we’re grieving, maybe we’re coping with mental or physical illness ourselves…… It can all build up and we can find ourselves succumbing to unhealthy levels of stress. And then there’s social media. But more of that later. So after having my sixth child, things have definitely without a doubt got more stressful, so I’m having to be more mindful of how I manage my own stress. With that in mind I thought I would share some of the tips which help me out when I’m feeling stressed and I hope that you can benefit as well.
    • Get active. I know, I know you haven’t got the time. Neither have I. But I think if we are to cope with stress and anxiety we need to think about ways we can be more active within our busy lives. And I do think it’s possible. Getting exercise and being active is so good for our stress levels. As you probably all know, when we are physically active we release endorphins. These chemicals are the happy chemicals which make us feel good.Simple ways to try to get more active when we feel that we have little time could be when we are picking the kids up from school park a little further away so we have longer to walk, if you have a dog making sure that you walk the dog instead of asking somebody else to do it. If you are really really pressed for time, there are some great really short quick exercise routines which take literally five minutes, and consist of high-intensity training but will give you a lovely shot of endorphins to wave off any stressful feelings. I promise you, it can be done and I also promise you it will definitely help you with your stress levels. I use this one. There is also a YouTube video you can follow of this routine.
      Did you know that what you eat can affect your emotions? Not only is a nutritionally balanced diet good for your physical health it’s also good for your mental health.This point is really a whole blog post on it’s own, but briefly, stable blood sugar levels will stabilize your mood. So to help prevent and alleviate stress, it is beneficial to avoid foods high in refined sugar. Try to get your sugar hit from fruit, which has been shown to reduce anxiety. It doesn’t just have to be fresh fruit, you can also use fruit in your baking, see my recipes here, Also try to reduce or cut out your caffeine intake. I’m a caffeine addict, I’m obsessed with tea but knowing that caffeine stimulates the release of adrenaline, (the fight and flight chemical), kind of puts me off it when I’m feeling stressed. Instead try camomile tea.
  • This is a huge topic so I’ve decided to break it down into parts or this will end up being a huge essay!
  • I hope you found this helpful. How do you manage your stress? Do you have any tips for me? I’d love to hear from you. Please don’t forget to like, share and follow my blog!
  • MC x
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    1. I am regularly stressed as a mum of 2 teenagers. However, you have hit the nail on the head with promoting exercise for feeling better. I have recently discovered Bounce and regularly practice yoga-i’m not particularly good at either, but they definitely make me feel better even if I do look silly! I’m trying to start my own blog at the moment which is both stressful and therapeutic! Hopefully I’ll get there soon!

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