Buxom Full On Lip Polish Review

I had some vouchers and a discount code and so because of course I needed yet another lip product, I thought I would try this. I had only recently heard about this brand but in general you don’t seem to hear much about it, I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s new?

For some reason I love those tingly, supposed ‘plumping effect’ lip gloss. I’m pretty sure the plumping is all in your mind for most of them but sometimes rather than full on lipstick I want a nice glossy lip.

I bought this from Feel Unique. The full price is £15 so on the higher end for a lip gloss although I didn’t pay that because of my discount.

So firstly, packaging. Cute little box, the actual tube is run of the mill lip gloss packaging with the Western style Buxom name on the side.

It was nice and easy to apply with no mess and just a small amount of product on the dopher thingy.

It had the nice tingly sensation which lasted for a while.

But how did it look?

I think maybe there is a slight bit of plumping going on- maybe just as a result of the shimmer from the gloss but definitely something. Staying power was slightly above average. I ate and drank with it on and it did come off slightly but you’d expect that from a gloss.

It claims to be moisturize and I would definitely agree. My lips felt really soft after wearing.

Overall, I would recommend. It’s pretty pricey and there may be cheaper alternatives but I’m not aware of any quite as nice.

Have you tried any Buxom products? What’s your favourite lip product? I would love to hear from you as always.

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MC x

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