Banana Loaf and Bottoms

I’m a fairly laid back kind of Mama, but there comes a time of the day when I know I need to step in. It’s the depths of the summer holidays, the kids are going slightly feral and they are starting to resemble a tamer, 2018 version of Lord of the Flies. The two year old cries when I try to dress him because he’s starting to think it’s socially normal to spend most of his time wearing a pair of pants and nothing else, the five year old is amusing himself shaking his bare bottom at me half way up the stairs and a I’ve been shot at by a toothbrush shoved into a Nerf gun whilst my guard was down and I was applying some make up. (I later asked what had happened to the original Nerf bullet,’It fell down the toilet Mummy, but don’t worry I put a glove on and got it out’. ‘Great, where is it now?’ He shrugs, ‘Oh, I shot it in your room’.)

So it’s time to do something wholesome,(insert vomit emoji), and bake a healthy cake with the kids. It’s going to get messy. Annoyingly so. At least one egg will get dropped, there will be a fine layer of flour, like a light snow shower, all over most of the kitchen surfaces, one child will run off crying because he didn’t do as much stirring as another child. But at least they will have something delicious to eat, even if in my house it will last minutes.

I love this recipe. It’s by Fearne Cotton, (link is here), and I’ve made it so many times because it contains no refined sugar, uses whole meal flour rather than white and tastes amazing. Even my super fussy husband will eat it! It will keep in a cake tin for about three days, not that it ever lasts that long.

Trust me and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

What are your favourite healthy bakes? How do you amuse the kids when they are driving you mad?

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Love MC x


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