Busy Mum Stay in Place Make Up Routine

I don’t know about you but I need make up that is hard wearing. It’s not just a case that I have quite oily skin but running round after the kids all day means being exposed to steamy bathrooms, hot sweaty kitchens, chubby little hands trying to grab my face, me sweating and generally getting stressed out and just generally not a lot of time to touch up my make up. So this post is about the products that last all day without smudging, smearing, flaking or just generally breaking down. You know what I mean.

All the products are on the cheaper end of the scale. To start with if you want your make up to last all day, you need to prime your face.

I have used many Primers over the years but one of the most affective, hard-working prime is especially from my oily skin is theW7 Prime Magic.It’s extremely cheap and has been likened to the higher end of Smashbox primer.

The foundation are use when I need something that I know is going to sell my face all day and not let me down is the L’Oreal Infallible

This is lovely, not too matte but it will not budge off my face. I apply it with a beauty blender as I find this makes the foundation really stick, for want of a better word, to my skin.

To contour, highlight and blush I’ve rediscovered this really cute little palette from Rimmel.

The contour is not too deeply pigmented so it’s easy to work with, and it’s quite nice and cool toned to give a nice, natural contour. The blush is very pretty, very natural. I’m always really impressed with it. The highlight is quite subtle and I’ve noticed that over time it kind of becomes a bit difficult to work with so you have to scratch the surface off and then the pigmentation improves but it is a lovely champagne coloured sort of shimmer and I would recommend for those who just like a subtle, more natural type of highlight. To make my eyeshadow stay in place all day I use this eye primer by Wet and Wild.

It’s similar to the Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay. I find it really effective in keeping my eye shadow crease free all day..

One of the more long-lasting eyeshadow palettes that I own is this one by Morphe, the 35F.

The range of colours as you can see are amazing. It’s mainly shimmers but the bottom row consists of some matte eyeshadows. The looks you could create are endless. I tend to use the less dramatic shadows on the top row for every day use but some of the more purple or copper shadows are lovely when the weather is cold and it’s more wintry or for a night out. Not that I go on many, ha ha!As I have oily skin, Mascara tends to smudge quite easily on me. I find if I use this Maybelline Sensational, which I know I always talk about, my mascara will tend to stay in place. I also find if I dab a little bit of powder underneath my eyes this prevents my mascara from running.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I use under my eyes and it is extremely long wearing. It also covers up any shadows and makes me look a little bit younger. I finish with Rimmel Stay Matte powder.What are your favourite products to help your make up stay in place? Have you tried any of these?I hope you find this post helpful. Please don’t forget to like, share, comment below and follow my blog!

MC x

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