LVL Lashes- the Answer to Every Busy Mum’s Lash Prayers?

Most of us crave those long fluttery lashes you see all over Pinterest, (well I do anyway) but the results are often time consuming, fiddly and expensive to achieve. There are some amazing mascaras out there but when you are battling to get the kids to school in the morning, putting mascara on often becomes an unnecessary luxury.

I thought it would be a good idea to get LVL done for the first time when I was heavily pregnant so that by the time the baby arrived and I was struggling to even get the chance to pull on a pair of elasticated wasted jeans that were not covered in dried in baby sick and toddler’s chocolate handprints, I would at least have decent lashes. The day of the LVL arrived and for a while I thought I might not make it. Snow was falling heavily but luckily my husband came to the rescue as I didn’t want to walk and risk the possibility of falling spectacularly in the snow and be unable to get up like the beached whale that I felt I was.

The actual experience of having the LVL was really relaxing. Claire, the beautician, has a heated beauty couch which made me feel really sleepy. I could have nodded off. LVL, if you didn’t already know, actually stands for length volume lift. So your lashes are darkened and curled upwards meaning there is no need for mascara although if you want a more dramatic look look you can use mascara. The experience is not painful at all and takes about 45 minutes. I was amazed and really pleased with the results.Above you can see the before and after photos.The results last for 4 to 6 weeks, Especially if you have the LVL topped up like I did at around four weeks, as shown in picture below.

The lashes are waterproof but you are advised not to use oil based make up remover if wearing mascara as it may remove some of the tint.

So overall, yes, LVL is the answer to our Lash prayers, although at £40 a time it may just have to be a treat, depending on your budget. I know some people who have LVL frequently and the lovely thing is that it doesn’t damage your lashes like some other lash treatments do, so if you have a break you will still have your natural lashes.

I had mine done at ‘the treatment room’. If you’re interested in LVL or any other similar beauty treatments just call them on 07493132351 and make sure you mention my blog!

I hope you found this post helpful! Please don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow my blog for more reviews and beauty.

MC x

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