How I Kid and Housework Proof my Nails and What Happens When You Take 6 Kids to the Dentist

Today I was not sure who I felt more sorry for, me, the dentist, other patients or the receptionist. Looking at squirming children’s teeth must be bad enough, but doing it five times in a row and having to then put up with them using your dentists chair as a slide, jumping up and down off the chairs, taking up pretty much every available chair in the dental practice then spinning round on their bottoms on the laminate floor and shrieking with delight, well, it can’t be fun. My husband came too and took three of them off to start the shopping leaving me with the other three and whilst I was waiting to see the receptionist and pay, (and trying to use my calm-I’ve-got-this-but-I-really-haven’t telling off voice), a kindly man smiled and said sympathetically, ‘Gosh you have to do this every six months with the three of them’. I laughed, nervously and said, ‘This is nothing, I’ve got three more.’ There followed a stunned silence where he maybe a)tried to decide whether he should feel sorry for me, b)advise me to tell my husband to tie a knot in it or c) do what most people do and say accusingly, ‘You’re brave’. In the end he just muttered, ‘Wow’.

But do you know what, even though I may have looked like a madwoman with a million kids, I did at least have really good nails today. I’ve recently been doing something which is making my nails stay looking good for ages. When you change as many nappies as I do, cook as many meals, wash as many chocolatey faces this is impressive. I paint my nails as usual with two coats and then put on one coat of the O.P.I top coat. It’s changed my life, seriously.(Buy it here)

It’s £12.59 on Amazon but I think it’s worth it when you think how many uses you will get out of it and when you think you would spend about £20 for gel nails.

Have you tried O.P.I nail varnish or top coat? How do you keep you nails looking good for longer?

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