July Beauty, Food and Book Favourites ( And not so favourites).

Today has been full of some things which I haven’t enjoyed quite so much. The horror of having a two year old tread fox poo on your sofa, hacking away at the ice at the back of your fridge that has built up so badly a jar has become encased in it, deciding to cook sausages and mash on yet another blisteringly hot day, (what was I thinking?), so I thought maybe I should finish the day on a positive note and write about what I enjoyed in July.

Garnier Summer Body Moisturiser

I don’t sunbathe like I used to. Partly because I don’t have the flipping time to sit still for more than two minutes and partly because I’m 37 now so have to start to think about wrinkles. So I fake a tan nowadays. This is really moisturising and you can build it up gradually and get a natural tan. It’s so cheap as well. I’ve been using it nearly every day, especially on my legs.

Vichy Soleil SPF 50

My new favourite moisturiser, especially in this tropical hot weather. Lightweight, perfect under make up and protects my skin from the sun. It also contains hyalauronic acid which has a hydrating and plumping effect on the skin.

Charles Worthington Ultra Violet Shampoo

I had some highlights done recently and I just find this keeps them looking really fresh and cool toned.

Rimmel Oh my Gloss lip gloss

It’s too hot for big heavy make up at the moment. A quick swipe of this in between shouting at the kids to get their shoes on, ‘Go, go, go!’, ‘No, you can’t wear wellies it’s 30 degrees outside!’, and I’m ready for anything.

Primark PS My Perfect Colour Mineral Powder

When it’s hot, you have oily skin, hordes of kids and little time in the morning but need to do something with your face, this is a godsend. I have noticed I need a decent primer underneath this but that’s the same with more expensive mineral foundations.

Mini Belgian Ice creams

Look, I’m sorry ok? These are so naughty but they’re are so nice and it’s sooo hot. I can’t help it.

The Party by Elizabeth Day

So enjoyable, gripping, dripping in dark humour and sinister intrigue. This was a great read.

What were your favourite things of July?

MC x

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