Wake Up Make Up- How to Fake a Youthful Glow

As I sit down to write, I breathe a shaky sigh of relief. It’s 10:20, the kids are raiding the biscuit barrel, the baby has not long wee’ed on my bare foot and at breakfast the five year old ‘baptized’ the baby with squash, (tipped a cup of squash over the baby’s unsuspecting head).

Being a Mum, especially a working Mum can be exhausting. There are those nights when you fall into bed barely able to keep your eyes open, drift off to sleep and then that little visitor tiptoes in, almost gives you a heart attack by tapping you and waking you with, ‘Mum, I feel sick’, or those nights where the baby decides you are an-all-you -can- eat-milk-machine and stays attached to the breast all night or those nights where you can’t sleep because you can’t remember whether that child has a clean school shirt for tomorrow, or those nights when your hubby thinks it’s ok to snooze his alarm multiple times at 04:30 before his day shift, or those nights… oh, well I think we all know what I mean!

So this post is about how I try to not look like an extra from, ‘The Walking Dead’ with a little help from some make up products.

L’Oréal Lumi Glow Primer

      • This is such a glowy primer, perfect when you need a boost.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

      • I really think this is so under rated. It’s not expensive and really gives my complexion some help when I look tired.

Revolution Concealer

      • An absolute must for covering up those under eye shadows.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

      • Who doesn’t love a bronzer for adding a sun kissed glow when you’re looking pale and tired?

Revolution Pro Brow Pomade

      • Thicker fuller eyebrows will make you look instantly younger and will lift your face. This pomade is great for that.

ABH Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette

      • Clever use of eyeshadows can make you look more awake. The quality and pigmentation of this palette are amazing.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

      • Can’t do without mascara for making those eyes look wide awake.

Sleek Highlighter palette

img_0495Brushing a sweep of this over cheekbones will give your face a luminous glow and lift your whole face.

Ok so I hope this helps. Make up shouldn’t be for anyone else’s benefit- but if it helps you feel better and more able to face the day then it’s worth it.

  • MC x

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