Guide to the Best Toning Shampoos for Blonde Hair

I love being blonde. Ok, ok I need a bit of help from the bottle but I still love it. But as fun as it is being blonde, it does take some maintenance. There is nothing worse then when your blonde is brassy, orange or yellow and I am one of the worst culprits for this.

Over the years I have battled the brass. One of the best weapons is purple shampoo. Chances are if you’re blonde you already use this, if not you certainly should. Purple is the opposite colour to yellow, so a shampoo with purple pigment will counteract any yellow in your hair.

These are some that I have tried and will quickly review for you.

L’Oreal Colorista Purple Shampoo

This one was Ok, kind of average really. It was quite nice and conditioning on my hair and fairly pigmented but maybe not one I would buy again.

Bed Head Dumb blonde shampoo

Love, love, love this one. It smelled like sweets, made my hair nice and cool toned and very soft. Also love the easy to use pump. It’s not the cheapest of the bunch but one of my favourites.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew

Probably one of the gentler toning shampoos, this is not as pigmented so the results are not as noticeable. So a good choice if you just want slightly less yellow in your hair.

Provoke Touch of Silver Shampoo

This will definitely make a difference to your hair and will remove most yellow tones. It’s also reasonably priced. I do find it a bit drying though so you will have to condition really well.

Argan Blonde Silverising Shampoo

The thing I like about this one of the fact it leaves my hair softer than some of the others. Great if your hair is quite damaged. You get it from Superdrug.

Charles Worthington Toning Ultra Violet Shampoo

This is probably the most potent of the lot. It’s so pigmented you will probably get purple hands after using it and if you use it repeatedly, (as I had to once after a brassy, orange box dye disaster,) you will get a really pretty silver colour. It also gets extra points from me as it’s sulphate free!

So to conclude my hair is by no means perfect but some of these toning shampoos can definitely make it look a bit better! I hope this post was helpful.

MC x

*this post contains some affiliate links*

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