Full Face Make Up with Items £5 and Under, (and failing at potty training)

Having kids, and a dog, is a messy old business and today was no exception. Basically, I got over excited . I thought because we had had a few good days with the two year old wearing pants and going on the potty that we’d cracked it. Ha, how wrong I was. Let’s just say we’d gone through four pairs of clothes by lunchtime. Four. The dog, Trixie, also decided to be sick. Ugh. I mean let’s face it, I’ve got six kids, my house is never going to be a show home but I’m about as OCD about cleanliness as it’s possible to be and this just was the final nail in the coffin. And breathe.

So onto less stomach churning topics, I decided to do a budget make up look today.

These are the products I used, everything is £5 or under, apart from the mascara, sorry.


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