Coping with Post Baby Hair Loss

So you have your little bundle of joy, start to adjust and enjoy not carrying round your great pregnancy bump, bonding with the cute little thing, not weeing every 5 minutes, having the odd glass of wine, hey, maybe actually fitting into a pair of non maternity jeans! Then just when you think, ‘I’ve got this!’, your hair starts to fall out. In great massive clumps.

Some of you lucky things may barely notice, especially if you’ve already got very thick hair. For some reason for me I didn’t really notice until baby no. 5. But I do know for some women it really is noticeable and it’s the last thing anyone needs. These are my tips on how to cope with it.

  1. Relax. It’s normal, it’s not forever. It’s the extra hair you accumulated whilst pregnant. You will notice it coming back and have lots of attractive baby hairs eventually.
  2. Look after yourself. Good nutrition and lots of water. Hair follicles are going to be healthier if they are fed with a well balanced diet.
  3. Consider vitamins. There are plenty of vitamins safe for new mums, even if breastfeeding, that may help strengthen your hair. I have used these by Pregnacare. But they are quite pricey. If you are on a budget you could try some like these from Tesco. The ingredients are almost identical although the amount of some is slightly less.
  4. Use a sulphate free shampoo. This will give your hair immediate volume and stop it looking flat. These shampoos are also better for your scalp. I like these ones from Faith in Nature, you can get them online from amazon.
  5. Be gentle with your hair. The last thing you want is to pull out hair that otherwise was quite happy where it was. Consider a tangle teezer or wet brush.
  6. Buy a silk pillow case. This will stop your hair snapping and pulling while you sleep.
  7. Go to a hairdresser and try not to colour your hair yourself. Regular trims will help your hair look healthier and less straggly. Avoiding home box colour will prevent the damage that these harsh dyes can cause. Also hair stylists can use highlights or balayage to give your hair definition. If going to a salon is too pricey definitely ring your nearest hair and beauty college. They will most likely do your hair for a really reduced cost. They are students but are all really well supervised. I’ve been many times and never been let down.
  8. If the hair loss is extreme consider going to the GP to check that it’s not due to something else, eg thyroid levels or anaemia. You may need some blood tests.

*this post contains affiliate links

I hope this helps. Let me know what helped you! MC x

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