Grocery shopping on a budget

I have six very hungry kids to feed. As you can imagine, this is not cheap. The amount these kids eat can be unbelievable. One of the boys in particular, seriously is a bottomless pit. (Blog post to come on dealing with this) Through the years I have come up with a few ways to save money. I hope my tips are helpful.

  1. Meal plan. At the beginning on the week, or on a Sunday for the following week, I will sit down and plan meals for the week. Not only will this save you money, it makes life easier. If, for example I know I’ve got a busy afternoon, say after school clubs for example, I will plan something that can be cooked or prepared that morning and heated up later, pasta bake for example. This is my meal planner, I love the way it’s wipe able. You can get these from Ocado.
  2. Do your shopping on line. Supermarkets are very clever at tapping into our psychology and tempting us into those pointless impulse buys. We’ve all gone shopping for one item and come out with an almost full trolley of stuff we probably didn’t actually need. If you have your budget you can keep an eye on your shop as you add items online. You will also be less tempted to go for those impulse buys.
    Use a comparison website. These aren’t just for comparing car insurance! There is an excellent site My supermarket where you can do your full shop and then see how much it would cost at any of the main UK supermarkets. You can then transfer the whole shop to that supermarket.
    Eat less meat! Very difficult to do as I’m married to a carnivore but eating less meat can often be more healthy and will definitely save you money.
    Be a player. Do not stay faithful to one supermarket. If you register with most supermarkets they will monitor what you buy and when. A bit Big Brother BUT if those giants realise you are not spending much there anymore I guarantee they will get a bit needy. Sure enough, to tempt you back they will start sending you vouchers, eg spend £40 get £8 off. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are especially good for this.
    Love. Your. Leftovers. Don’t ever throw food away. Seriously, just don’t do it. If I have a weird collection of ingredients and no inspiration I type them into my Pinterest and it will nearly always help me out.

I think that’s probably enough to start to save some pennies. Good luck with cooking and feeding your family. Speak soon, MCx

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